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   A Fine Day on the Tongass  by Don Cornelius                 Peekaboo by Karen Cornelius

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Alaskan artists Don and Karen Cornelius live and paint amidst the splendor of the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska.  Their Petersburg home is surrounded by the wilderness that inspires their art.  Mountain vistas, seascapes and old growth forests all find their way into their plein air and studio paintings.  

Don paints in alkyds (fast-drying oils) interspersed with watercolor sketches he uses for reference.  Plein air and studio subjects range from scenic vistas to close-up studies, wildlife and portraits.  His plein air subjects include paintings completed on their southeast Alaska island as well as during road trips through Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Wisconsin and Iowa as well as many Pacific and Rocky Mountain states.

Karen paints in watercolors and has recently branched into acrylics.  Her favorite subjects include flowers and animals -- both wild and domestic.  Details of feathers and stones, icebergs against mountains as they follow ocean currents. and not-so-well-behaved puppies lend flavor to her watercolor collection.

For studio painting both Don and Karen use thousands of photographs taken during Don’s 51 years and Karen’s 39 years living and exploring Alaska as well as western Canada, Wisconsin, the southwest and Pacific northwest.


                     Don and Karen sketch and paint on the Stikine River Flats, Southeast Alaska

We hope you enjoy our website.  If you see any artwork of interest or would like to see more, please contact us at 907 772-4864 or at karcorn@gci.net  You can also purchase any pieces that are available using either of these contact options.

In addition, we have now added a Blog, Artwork by Don and Karen Cornelius.  You can view it at

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